A shitty collection of websites. a massive pill(h)ead (only Tesco value pain killers) and an alcoholic, constantly under the influence, one time tactically chunder outside the old mill, disgraceful (following 1.5 litres of Tesco value Mojito, consumed through a camal back ) also refers to a wing commander in the RAF during the second world war although both definitions are undeniably linked.

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A porthole is a boat, a boat a ship of life. Tossed upon the seas of life am I, watching from my porthole boat. A boat, a boat. A boataboat. Putt putt putt putt putt.

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Gawker dictionary definition | gawker defined gawker definition: Noun (plural gawkers) 1. Someone who gawks, someone who stares stupidlyOrigin gawk +‎ -er Writers Guild Objects to Univision's Removal of Gawker Posts Sep 10, 2016