And Netflix might be going after non-Australian billing addresses or credit cards or something like that, but I doubt PIA is going to specifically have their VPN not work on the Netflix site. That really doesn't seem likely. I think they're just trying to cover their arses, like Netflix is.

Jul 02, 2020 Witopia VPN review - Review - Editorial | XSReviews Mar 27, 2019 WRT160N v3 - CSE51 - WITOPIA's PERSONAL VPN - PS3 - NETFLIX Mar 08, 2011 Best WiTopia Personalvpn Review - Is Legit, Safe or Scam WiTopia to the rescue! Easy to install, works great on my macOS box too. I occasionally make use of it on my Android phone as well with troublesome wifi providers when there is no LTE signal. The guys running the WiTopia network have been in the network business for a very long time and know what they are doing. Give them a try!” WiTopia Tutorial

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Netflix CEO Reed Hastings tells investors what he thinks of privacy advocates ~~~ Back in March I wrote two posts to express my surprise and frustration that Netflix would no longer let its customers gain entry through a VPN or virtual private network. Turns out the problem hasn’t gone away. May 01, 2012 · But by taking it one step further, entertainment on-demand is at your fingertips. Once you’ve figured out a provider right for you, you’ll need to connect to a U.S. server (this is crucial) and then log on to Netflix. Here’s an example screenshot below, using WiTopia:

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