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Read This SwitchVPN Review and Test Before You Buy It! As first impressions go, SwitchVPN might appear to be brilliant, with it’s “lightning-fast speeds” and “cheap but worthwhile” subscription. However, after doing some testing, we have ranked it 70th when compared to every other VPN service out there. Here is an in-depth review of SwitchVPN and why it is not all people crack it up to be. SwitchVPN Reviews Reviews | Read Customer Service … 2019-9-3 · However SwitchVPN is still not perfect with no fault. I came up with diffuculty in connection with no idea of what was going on. However the problem was resolved one or two days later automatically. Today my iPad connected all right but my mobile phone could not connect at all. SwitchVPN Review - Change IP Online

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我们很高兴看到越来越多的提供高级隐私功能的VPN服务。他们可以为许多用户提供的最重要的功能之一是VPN Kill Switch。您还将看到它称为Internet Kill Switch。这个想法是在VPN掉线时杀死您的在线连接。有些可以让您设置特定的应用程序,而有些则可以一起阻止您的Internet通信,直到VPN重新连接为止

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