There are two ways to achieve this: by VPN configuration and by Firewall rules. Method 1: By VPN Configuration. 1. In the LAN-to-LAN VPN profile of the Vigor Router in Branch Office, change the Remote IP / Subnet Mask from the whole network to the server's IP only.. 2.

Firewall - Zyxel After you create a VPN tunnel and add it to a zone, you can set the firewall rules applied to VPN traffic.If you add a VPN tunnel to an existing zone (the LAN zone for example), you can configure a new LAN to LAN firewall rule or use intra-zone traffic blocking to allow or block VPN traffic transmitting between the VPN tunnel and other interfaces in the LAN zone. VPN — IPsec — Configuring a Site-to-Site IPsec VPN Rules are automatically added to the WAN to allow the tunnel to connect, but if the option to disable automatic VPN rules is checked, then manual rules may be required. In that case, check the WAN rules to ensure that the traffic from the remote peer is allowed. IPsec uses UDP port 500 and 4500, and protocol ESP (or AH if set that way).

How to configure SSL VPN on SonicWall Next-Gen Firewall

Firewall rules to strictly govern the traffic on this VPN may be added under Firewall > Rules on the OpenVPN tab. Next Configuring a Site-to-Site PKI (SSL) OpenVPN Instance

[ZyWALL/USG] How to configure an SSL VPN rule for full

Cookbook | FortiGate / FortiOS 6.2.0 | Fortinet Configure SSL VPN firewall policy. Go to Policy & Objects > IPv4 Policy. Fill in the firewall policy name. In this example, sslvpn web mode access. Incoming interface must be SSL-VPN tunnel interface(ssl.root). Choose an Outgoing Interface. In this example, port1. Set the Source to all and group to sslvpngroup. Manage VPN Firewall Rules, Firewall Rule Management VPN Policy configures firewall rules for incoming and outgoing VPN traffic. Click here to read the detailed information. Sophos XG Firewall: How to configure SSL VPN remote access Nov 22, 2018 Watchguard Firewall - Issues with SSLVPN - Server Fault