Starting from version 4.0, Samba is able to run as an Active Directory (AD) domain controller (DC). If you are installing Samba in a production environment, it is recommended to run two or more DCs for failover reasons. This documentation describes how to set up Samba as the first DC to build a new AD forest.

Chapter 10. Network Browsing - Samba If Samba is configured to be the domain master for a workgroup that is present on the same network as a Windows NT/200x domain that has the same name, network browsing problems will certainly be experienced. When Samba is the domain master and the master browser, it will listen for master announcements (made roughly every 12 minutes) from LMBs on other subnets and then contact them … Samba domain master browser bound to wrong interface *Samba name server AMAZON is now a local master browser for workgroup SIMBA on subnet And a minute later this, but I think this is caused by the above problem: *Doing a node status request to the domain master browser for workgroup SIMBA … Unable to find the Domain Master Browser error in samba

Setup Samba Domain Controller with LDAP Backend in Ubuntu

domain master. If Samba is the primary domain controller for your workgroup or NT domain, it should also be made the domain master browser. The domain master browser is a special machine that has the NetBIOS resource type <1B> and is used to propagate browse lists to and from each local master browser in individual subnets across the domain.

Configure Samba to use domain accounts for authentication

; domain master = yes # Preferred Master causes Samba to force a local browser election on startup # and gives it a slightly higher chance of winning the election; preferred master = yes # Enable this if you want Samba to be a domain logon server for # Windows95 workstations.; domain logons = yes # if you enable domain logons then you may want How to Set Up a Samba Server on Debian 10 Buster May 29, 2019 Build A Primary Domain Controller With Samba, Part 2