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Que es mshome.net ? - Google Groups Mar 15, 2005 DHCP server using MSHOME.NET instead of comapanyDNS.com Need help please!!! Before, our DHCP server's Fully Qualified Domain name is PCServer.companyDNS.com, but all of a sadden our DHCP server getting a MSHOME.NET instead of companyDNS.com. The "Mshome.Net" issue - Google Groups Apr 21, 2004

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Jul 18, 2014 Unable to access LAN, hostnames always have mshome.net Jun 21, 2010

VMWare Workstation 6.5 is running on a Windows Vista 64bit PC. Thanks to Workstation we have 2 guest machines running: TerriVM and MattVM (both of these

Resolving DNS from the virtual machine works, and Kubernetes is able to pull container images. It's only from within the pods that the resolution is failing meaning I Jan 03, 2002 · WRONG WRONG WRONG. MSHOME.NET does not actually exist, it is the defualt name domain name for windows XP. So unless you are running a server off of windows XP with domain name services running and Sep 22, 2014 · The DNS server for this interface is set to the virtual adapter on the physical machine (which will perform the query on behalf of the VM and get back). The VM now has connectivity to the outside world as expected. That’s all for now! Hope this helps someone. If you have set any custom DNS on your device such as our MyTelly Smart DNS addresses and wish to remove them, please follow the steps below: Open up Cortana Search window by pressing the (Win+Q) keys and search for ‘View Network Status and Tasks’. Right click on your active network adapter (Local Area Connection […] Click Finish and Restart the DNS Server service. Now it will take some time based on the network utilization to learn the addresses and when it is finished your nslookup will work fine. Note: If you are facing a “Default Server: UnKnown” issue my below post will help you to sort that out. Jan 20, 2018 · You could try setting static IP and DNS for network adapter on guest using default switch. Set IPv4 default gateway to and IPv4 address to 172.21.183.XXX where XXX is a value between 162 and 255. Subnet mask needs to be Sample NIC settings from a VM using default switch: Same from a Finnish Hyper-V guest: This occurs at random to anyone at any time. When doing an IPCONFIG, I see that the IP, subnet and gateway are fine, but the DNS is set to MSHOME.NET with a DNS address of I do an IPCONFIG /RENEW and they get their proper DNS settings back and internet access returns.