dr.fone (Mac) - Data Eraser (IS) (or dr.fone - Data Eraser (IS)) is the best software you need to download, install and run on your PC, in order to clear history on iPad with ease.This is the world's first iPad, Android, iPhone and iPod and Data Eraser. It has the ability to securely erase browser history, login information, cache data, messages, videos, music files, photos and more from your

How to Clear Search History Safari, Chrome, Dolphin How to Delete Search History on Google Chrome Browser App on iPhone, iPad. Go to the Google Chrome app on iPad or iPhone, Tap on Top right three-dot icon; Tap History from the menu option; Tap Clear Browsing Data; Click on Clear All > Done. See below image on removing all history for Google chrome app on iPad or iPhone. How to delete your search history and prior destinations Apr 05, 2017 iPad Air Won't Let Me Clear Search Hi… - Apple Community Sep 11, 2016

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Apr 12, 2018

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