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Aug 01, 2010 · Bada OS. BADA was seen as me-too effort for long time until we actually met the company exec and tried to understand what they are extremely upto. As we are now informed, Bada is a upgraded, developer friendly and much more mature form of the proprietary OS that Samsung runs on the Corby / Star series touch screens. Last year, Samsung took the plunge to introduce a new mobile Operating System, and thus the Bada OS sprang to life. Now, the mobile OS has nearly 5000+ application and games on the Samsung Apps store. And the highly popular game, Angry Birds, may soon be available for download on the Bada OS phones. Know how to Whatsapp for Bada OS and Java Mobiles. Now, it is easy to use Whatsapp on non android phones like Smasung Wave 5250, Samsung wave 5253. Get that BADA OS. SAMSUNG NEW MOBILE OS. BY VISHAL RAJORIA WHAT IS BADA. Samsung BADA is a smartphone platform , which is created for wide range of device, unveiled in 2010. "BADA" is a Korean word that means "ocean" and "seashore".

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bada SDK is a development platform issued and maintained by Samsung. The SDK was released about a year after the company’s bada OS for smart phones and tablet computers had been launched in an Bada je mobilní platforma vyvíjená společností Samsung pro jeho chytré telefony.Bada znamená v korejštině moře a čte se [ba:da:]. Je zamýšlen jako konkurence operačního systému Android. Hidden Secret Codes for Samsung Wave “Bada OS” Mobile Phones. Recently I posted about Google Android mobile phones secret codes.After that Android mobile phone, I got my hands on the new stylish and awesome smartphone "Samsung Wave GT-S8500" which comes with Samsung's new Bada OS operating system. Bada is a somewhat lesser known OS released by Samsung alongside with their Wave series in late 2009. Eventually, this operating system was dropped from active development in 2013 and replaced by

We had earlier reported about Samsung planning to release a phone running on Tizen, an open-sourced project formed by merging Samsung’s Bada and the remnants of Nokia’s MeeGo. Now the folks at

Samsung Wave: Bada OS. The Bada OS is also a whole new ecosystem of applications as well – Samsung has done fairly well to get a good few in there at launch, with the likes of a TV remote that uses Wi-Fi to control Samsung TVs the ilk of app already available. Wave 533 and bada Review 1: the Hardware – OSnews In particular, the situation in the mid-end range isn’t particularly stellar. The stagnation and scheduled death of Symbian and Blackberry OS, while their successors seem to mostly target the high-end market, only leaves Samsung’s bada as a healthy mid-end phone OS at the moment. Freeware Bada Emulator Downloads bada SDK 2.0.5 (Freeware) by Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.: bada, (bada, the Korean word mobile spaces.Samsung bada includes a new directly into native bada applications, allowing seamless technologies. Also, the bada map control is your users. The bada platform provides user developing applications. Samsung bada also provides a interactive applications. OG Review: Samsung Wave S8500 (bada OS)