In certain circumstances, drones use a wifi setup to connect to a phone or tablet. Eg. Parrot drone. Drones usually use the same frequency as wifi for the radio control (2.4ghz) and for low latency, low resolution video (5.8ghz) Drones from compan

May 12, 2020 Can You Fly A Drone Without WIFI? » DronesGal May 31, 2019 Understanding How Your Drone Is Controlled - dummies Most drones today are Wi-Fi enabled so that they can broadcast video to a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Some drones also use Wi-Fi for remote controlling through a tablet or mobile application. The Parrot AR Drone 2.0 offers high-end interactive controls …

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Mini UAV RC Drone com HD WiFi - YouTube Jul 22, 2020 5 Best Drones - July 2020 - BestReviews Some drone models indicate when they’ve reached a low level of power, but this feature isn’t universal. Communication between a drone’s remote control and its onboard transceiver also makes a difference when it comes to range. Many drones create their own WiFi hotspots, which connect to a smartphone piloting app or a hand-held remote control.