You can connect to your desktop and applications by using the VMware Horizon Client or through the browser. The VMware Horizon Client offers better performance and features. Install VMware Horizon Client VMware Horizon HTML Access

Dell Compellent Storage Center SAN & VMware … 2012-6-18 · View 4.5 Linked Clones Page 8 Dell Compellent Storage Center SAN & VMware View 1,000 Desktop Reference Architecture Scripted Load Generation To accurately represent a real-world user workflow, the same scripted test solution was utilized throughout the vmware-view URI 示例 2010-10-10 · 您可以使用 vmware-view URI 方案来创建超文本链接或按钮,并将这些链接插入电子邮件或 Web 页面。例如,最终用户可以单击 URI 链接,以使用您指定的启动选项启动远程桌面。 Configuring VMware Horizon View Administrartor - Virtual 2020-7-21 · Once we are done with the installation of Horizon View Connection Server and Horizon View Composer, next step is to configure your view Virtual Desktop Infrastructure using VMware Horizon View administrator console. Before configuring your Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, you must configure required users accounts and privileges to perform certain operations. VMware_百度百科


Sep 05, 2012 · Desktop Virtualization with VMware View gives a view on technical functioning and implementation, benefits for businesses and advantages and disadvantages.Our previous article was on Desktop Virtualization with VMware, it was non specific and this time this an article which is more specific – Desktop Virtualization with VMware View. Real-Time Audio-Video allows View users to run Skype, Webex, Google Hangouts, and other online conferencing applications on their remote desktops. With Real-Time Audio-Video, webcam and audio devices that are connected locally to the client system are redirected to the remote desktop. Built with VMware Horizon (with View) and Cisco UCS, which offers a stateless provisioning and operations model, the virtual desktop solution is fully integrated with VMware vCenter. It takes full advantage of Cisco UCS Manager and View Manager with linked clones to help organizations deploy new virtual desktops to users in minutes. VMware Horizon View, previously known as VMware View, is a virtual desktop infrastructure solution that provides users with virtual and mobile desktop management, flexible access, an optimal end-user experience and cloud computing. Horizon View also provides increased control and security of the desktop environment.

Hi all, I am testing out View and connecting to physical desktops. My environment is 7.5.4, using the latest agent. Physical machine is Windows 10

(The desktop agent included with vCenter Operations Manager for Horizon 1.7 is the same as the desktop agent included with the 6.0.1 View Agent.) Pod Session Metrics and Health Status widgets show incorrect data if a desktop user switches from RDP to PCoIP