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Wireless routers allow devices to connect to the LAN in two ways: By connecting the device directly to the router using a cable, or; By allowing the device to connect to the router wirelessly using radio waves to transmit and receive data. The broadband Internet connection from your cable or DSL provider is also connected to the wireless router. How to: Make router get internet connection from computer Remember, I already have internet on my computer, and their is no way i could get the connection directly on the router. I want to know if there is anyway to transfer the connection through my How to Monitor Your Child's Internet Use - TechAddiction

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The process will take less than three minutes and you will have a router with a MUCH faster interface that can log everything that goes through your router. You will be able to monitor everyone's activity or just the ones you select. How can I check wireless internet activity on my router Yes. An ISP can theoretically log your internet activity, and in some jurisdictions they are required to record evidence for law enforcement.In the UK (where protection for the privacy and confidentiality of communications is effectively non-existent) internet service providers like BT and TalkTalk have been exposed covertly gathering data from their customers` communications. Linksys Official Support - Enabling the Logs feature using IMPORTANT: The logs will be replaced if you reboot or reset your router. The router can only store up to 200 Kb of log information. Once it reaches this limit, the older logs will be replaced by new entries. QUICKTIP: The date and time logs will be dependent on the Time Zone setting. To properly set this feature, go to Connectivity > Basic and select the appropriate time zone. How do I view which websites have visited through my